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Mary Magdalene, Saint of Lebanon

Mary Magdalen, Saint of Lebanon

Mary Magdalen holds me quite in thrall,
The Gospel speaks of her with greatness over all;
If twenty thousand years our time from hers divide,
This silence of the ages yet brings us side by side.
They pass, those millennia, like the wink of an eye,
I feel her beauty glowing as something that’s close by.
Her mother was a Jewess, her father a Phoenician,
Her brother first of men from death was to be risen.

Education of Magdalene - 50 x 61 cm - 2006

Since the dawn of creation she had known no peer,
No goddess famed for beauty came anywhere near.
The day that she was born the universe entire
Made celebration loud for love that blazed like fire.
Rainbows crossed the heavens and flowers were aglow
And hearts warmed to colors that into them did flow.
The universe knelt down, being lost in admiration
To the land where once took place Our Lord’s Incarnation.
All space was then enrapt with music pure serene;
Red roses and white jasmine and the wild eglantine
Inspired the muses all to poetic psalms supreme
And the spirits they responded as if caught in a dream.
The peoples of the earth rejoiced with gay and rhythmic dance
And all living beings came awake with their gifts to enhance
The birthday of this Mary who one day would be seen
As graceful and pure and a truly saintly queen.

Toilet of the princess - 61 x 46 cm - 2006

The wealth of her father she was to inherit
But the things of this world for her had no merit.
She wanted a child in due course and due time
But God had for Mary a different design.
With seven more demons the devil of her took hold,
Promised luxury of every kind, pleasure more untold.
Perfumes strange were offered from Lebanese flower
To lend a sweet fragrance to her welcoming bower.
A sumptuous life but one that left a void deep in the soul
A hollow with no substance, but a wide and gaping hole,
With the devils of the earth and of hell galore
Destroying all of beauty when waging their fierce war.
But in David’s great city, from Phoenicia not afar,
A wonder of harmony was gleaming like a star,
Magdalen, a woman of full fine and sensual grace
With her up-tilted breasts and long hair around her face.
A body that was poised and deep in her eyes a look
That brought men to her bosom ere a word she spoke.
Her mouth and her lips gave the promise of the dawn
Of flowering love from her to be swiftly born.
Her rhythmic steps and charm were such that left no choice,
The call of her eyes and enchantment of her voice.
From Phoenicia there came perfumes inviting men to pleasure
That spoke to them of joy distilled beyond their measure.
Even luring the gods with the joys that she gave,
The Israelite Phoenician, who made all men her slave.
In the fair land of Canaan and Phoenicia all around
Men would admire her, for her great beauty bound.
Like a goddess they adored her, kneeling at her feet
Their entrails would melt and their hearts would quickly beat.
But one day she saw herself as by a new and blinding light,
She met the Truth Eternal and was saved from her sad plight,
Saw God in Christ, as Man and Liberator,
And lay prostrate at the feet of her God and her Creator.

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